We are a Fine Art Management

Instead of contemporary art agency

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We constantly renew and update our collections displays so you should discover something new every time you visit.

What we do?

We work with featured artists whom we believe has a strong point to make in today’s sociality.

Bodogh Fine Art
Modern and Contemporary
Paintings – Sculptures – Photographs

Special Stage Production
– Dance and Music Performances
– Symphonic and Electronic Music with Live Orchestra

Our History

We started working with arts in Europe but felt that the works were too special not to bring to America. We have done a lot of private art shows. This is to not only capture the beauty behind the artworks but to also create something more live and vivid with them.

We represent:
– Live Orchestra Shows
– Stage Productions
– Movie Productions
– Singer Artist

Our Mission

Our mission is to inform others about these artists and their spectacular thoughts about the world shown through their art. Their way of thinking is so unique and different that it must be shared.